Minto for Mana

October 2011


Kia ora koutou,

An appeal from John Minto


I never thought I’d be writing a letter asking for money to help run a parliamentary campaign but here it is. I’m the Mana movement candidate for Manukau East at the general election this year and I’m aiming to raise $10,000 to fight the campaign.


I’ve always believed that political activists can be more effective out in the community than in parliament so I’ve never joined any political party till now. I joined because the Mana movement is the best opportunity in a generation to take the struggle of working New Zealanders to the heart of parliament.


Mana is Maori inspired and Maori led but with policies for all New Zealanders. We know that if we get things right for Maori we will get them right for everyone.


I put up my hand to stand in Manukau East because I spent 12 years working in this electorate as a teacher and because it’s a community which has been left behind and abandoned by Labour and National for many decades.


The current MP is all but invisible and the votes of the Pacific Island, Maori, Pakeha and Asian workers who reside here have been taken for granted by Labour for too long. That party has delivered little but unrelenting hardship for these people who are the lowest paid but the hardest working people in New Zealand.


I believe Mana can make a real difference. (See policies below) We won’t sell out!


You can help my campaign by:


  • Making a donation to my campaign account 38-9001-0756791-02 (all donations will be formally receipted – just send an email when you donate)
  • Helping with leafleting your local streets (you can do this anywhere in Auckland because we are targeting the party vote)
  • Help with canvassing in Manukau East
  • Helping put up billboards
  • Party vote Mana on November 26


In solidarity,
John Minto
4 Ethel Street
Ph (09) 8463173


PS: Some key points from Mana policies – (more details can be viewed at as they are released)


Economic justice:

  • Abolish GST completely through a “Hone Heke” tax on financial transactions.
  • Make the first $27,000 tax free for everyone with progressive taxation above this level.
  • Introduce a proper capital gains tax where all sources of income are taxed at the personal tax rate.
  • Reintroduce an inheritance tax.


  • Put full employment at the heart of economic policy.
  • Immediately increase the minimum wage to $15 per hour (1 April 2012) and raise it to two-thirds of the average wage (1 April 2013).
  • Support changes to employment relations laws that give workers greater bargaining power to negotiate wages and conditions with their employers.

Foreign Affairs:

  • Withdrawing of New Zealand military personnel all countries where they are engaged in combat or supporting roles for externally instigated wars.
  • Terminating all current negotiations for free trade and investment agreements, including the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement.

Building strong communities:

  • Give every community the right of veto over new and existing pokie machines, alcohol outlets, fast-food outlets while we will heavily regulate the operation of loan sharks.


  • Provide free breakfast and lunch for children in all schools (starting with decile 1 to 3 schools) at a cost of just $38 million – less than the money needed to keep our troops in Afghanistan.

More policy details available at